Rooster BnB
  05. November 2013
Goole Street View with Surprise
  25. September 2014

Upcoming Events

Open Air Gamhurst/Michelbuch
  18. Juni 2016 19:00 Uhr
Country Open Air
  25. Juni 2016 19:00 Uhr
Open Air beim Weingut Weber
  15. Juli 2016 19:00 Uhr
Dorffest Kappel
  16. Juli 2016 19:00 Uhr
Fussball Vorstellungen Herbolzheim
  28. Juli 2016 18:00 Uhr


Rooster BnB
  Barbara and I have opened our little home-away-from-home for travellers and visitors to Rust and Europa Park, the "Rooster Bed and Breakfast". "Rooster" is ausgesprochen like "Ruster"--thats the gag. Check out the coolest little hotel weit und breit and come schnarch a round or two--we dont care-the doors are schalldicht!

Goole Street View with Surprise
  I was looking at Google street view admiring the quality and thinking how technology has advanced. I put in address of my parent's house 4640 Ferncliff Dr. Lynchburg Virginia. Wow! Its just like being home! There's the house, the red Honda CRV, the oak tree and garden and--hey what's that!?! WTF?!? Sticking out of the Hecke! It's my father's Arsch! He was doing yard work bending over in the bushes when the Google StreetCam drove by. Now his ass is world famous! Just Google it!